Repaints, Edits, and Customs.

Antoine D'Coolette by Mechachu. Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette by Mechachu. Bean the Duck by Mechachu, Bendilin, and Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Eggbot by Mechachu. Little Mac 8Bit by Mechachu. Falco Lombardi by Ryle of the Kitsune and Mechachu. Vector the Crocodile by Mechachu and Dirty Dan. Akuma Gouki 8Bit by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Captain Falcon 8Bit by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Incredible Hulk 8Bit by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Shadow Armor Xtreme 8Bit by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Mortal Kombat Ninjas, 8Bit, by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Manic the Hedgehogt by Mechachu and Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Sonia the Hedgehogt by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Spider Man 8bit by Magic Man/Groovy Ash, Chad, Dragon Goddess, and Matthew Claus. Eight Bit Wolverine by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Eight Bit Wolverine by Magic Man/Groovy Ash. Julie-Su by Claws the Echidna and Jay H. Classic Amy Rose Advance. Sonic Advance: Rouge the Bat by Daniel Sidney. Shadow the hedgehog. Sonic Advance. Super Amy Rose. Sonic Advance. Axel Gear Expansion by ACESpark. Mega Man Soccer Edits by ACESpark. Dr. Wily by Deccus. Rei Ayanami by Big Papa Sonic. Asuka Langley Soryu by Bendilin and Big Papa Sonic. Smaurai Pizza Cats. Speedy Cerviche by Bendilin. Samurai Pizza Cats. Polly Esther by Bendilin. Samurai Pizza Cats. Guido Anchovy by Bendilin. Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette by Bendilin. Captain Falcon by Bendilin. Dr. Gero by Bendilin. Espio the Chameleon by Bendilin and Daniel Sidney. The Great Saiyaman by Bendilin. Amy Rose and Metal Amy by Bendilin, Daniel Sidney, and Ren "Foxx" Ramos. Nack the Weasel by Bendilin and Daniel Sidney. Osama Bin Laden by Bendilin. Sephiroth. Final Fantasy Six Style. By Bendilin. Sonia the Hedgehog by Bendilin. Tikal the Echidna by Bendilin and Daniel Sidney. Vivi Ornitier by Bendilin. Dr. Wily by Son Goharotto. Mega Man 32bit Rush Adapter by Son Goharotto. Dr. Light by Son Goharotto. Bass/Forte by Son Goharotto. Sniper Joe by Son Goharotto.. Yamato Man by Son Goharotto.. Shadow Man by Son Goharotto. Skull Man by Son Goharotto. Roll by Amgis. Roll by Big Papa Sonic. Roll by Dr. Diablo. Roll by Lord of Nightmnares. Roll 32 bit by Break. Vile by Magnus. Shadow Man. Mega Man 7 Style. By Blade of Hiten. Mega Man cosplays as Shadow Man. Daredevil by Belial. Cyclops by Drake Runner. Hawkeye by Drake Runner. Captain America by Drake Runner. Vile by Blackbeltdude. Megaman 7 Compatible Adult Human Female Template by Lizzy and Steveman. Iron Man by Drake Runner. Alia by Nightjumper.

There used to be many sites dedicated to Repaints, Edits, and Customs. Unfortunately most have disappeared never to be found again, even on the Internet Archive. I happened to be in the right place at the right time and managed to save a few of the sprites on those sites.

To the best of my knowledge and research, all the sprite sheets under this section are free use. Even if there is a tag on the sheet saying that it isn't and makes not-so-vague-threats about harm to genitalia, the creator of that sprite sheet at one time declared their work free use.

Of course I could be wrong. I'm not hard to find. If you are the original creator or someone high up in the sprite community and want such-and-such sheet removed please tell me.

If you want your sprite sheet hosted here, send it in. Forewarned: I have strict standards and practices that I make up at convenient times for me.
Please note the phrase "Free Use." This means that you need NOT ask permission to download and use the sprite images in whatever project you desire. However it it asked and would be very much appreciated if credit is given to the creators/editors of these sprites.

In that vein some of these sprite sheets have no credit attached to them. Either on the sheet, HTML page, or file name. If you happen to know who made an un-credited sheet please tell me so I can give them proper recognition.

Final Note: These sheets have been edited by me. I have tried to maintain the creator's original intent, but that was all right for their sites, but not this one. Course language was changed or removed, offensive material was removed, sprites that were not free use on sheets with free use sprites were removed, some file names were changed, and file formats were converted to PNG.