The Sprite Cemetery. Formerly The People's Sprites.

Game Rips
Knuckles. Sonic Advance 2.

Directory Annex


HK-47 by mjkrzak and Lothmar the IXth.

Tails. Sonic Advance 2.

Hi-Macs 3 by mjkrzak.

Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Advance 2. Sega.

H-Girl by mjkrzak.

Sonic Advance: Rouge the Bat by Daniel Sidney.

Harpuia: Mega Man X SNES style by mjkrzak.

Exit 68
Adult Human Female Template.
Asterix for Super Nintendo.
Asuka Langley Soryu.
Booker T by Umiliphus.
Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette.
Captain America by Drake Runner.
Captain Falcon by Bendilin.
Cobra Commander: Drake Runner.
Cobra Commander by Tiberius.
Cyclops by Drake Runner.
Daredevil by Belial/Scorcher.
    Rincewind.    1.    2.    3.
    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.
Final Fantasy 7:
    Tifa Lockheart.
Final Fantsy 9:
    Vivi Ornitier.
Forgotten Worlds.
    Player 1.     Player 2.
Dr. Gero by Bendilin.
Great Saiyaman by Bendilin.
Guido Anchovy by Bendilin.
Hawkeye by Drake Runner.
Iron Man by Drake Runner.
The King of Dragons:
    Aldo.     Derek.     Leger.
    Ravel.     Vargas.
    The Women.
Krion Conquest:
    "Alternate" Francesca?
    Japanese Box Art Francesca.
Lady Sia.
Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6:
    Roll by Dr. Diablo.
    Roll by Lord of Nightmares.
    Shadow Man.
    Skull Man.    Yamato Man.
Mega Man 7:
    Bass/Forte by Umiliphus.
    Cosplays as Shadow Man.
    Dr. Light by Son Goharotto.
    Dr. Light by Umiliphus.
    Dr. Wily By Deccus.
    Dr. Wily by Son Goharotto.
    Dr. Wily by Umiliphus.
    Mega Man by Umiliphus.
    Protoman by Umiliphus.
    Roll by Umiliphus.
    Shadow Man.
Mega Man 8:
    Bass/Forte: Son Goharotto.
    Roll by Break.    Roll: Amgis.
    Rush Adapter.     Sniper Joe.
Mega Man X4/5/6:
    Alia by Nightjumper.
    Armorless Alia.
    Iris in a bikini.
    Vile by Magnus.
    Vile by Blackbeltdude.
Mega Man Soccer Edits.
Mega Man Zero:
    Roll by Big Papa Sonic.
Mega Twins
    (Chiki Chiki Boys)
    Player 1.    Player 2.
    The Women.
Mercs: Arcade:
    Howard Powell.
    Joseph Gibson.
    Thomas Clarke.
Mr. T by Umiliphus.
Osama Bin Laden.
Polly Esther by Bendilin.
Popful Mail.
Power Blazer.
Rei Ayanami.
Revenge of Shinobi.
    Joe Musashi.
Rocket Knight Adventures:
    Axel Gear.    Sparkster.
Roll Chan:
    1 Classic.    1 MM8.
    2-1 Classic.    2-2 Classic.
    2-1 MM8.    2-2 MM8.
    3 Classic.    3 MM8.
    4-1 Classic.    4-2 Classic.
    4-1 MM8.     4-2 MM8.
Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.
    Dolis.    Freudia.    Eifer.
    Grolla.    Iris.    Karl.    Lecht.
    Liebea.    Luste.    Michael.
    Pamela.    Rink.    Schirach.
    Schwer.    Sichte.    Spiritia.
    Trauare.    Zorne.
Sailor Moon Supers Fighter:
   Sailor Chibi Moon.
   Sailor Jupiter.  Sailor Mars.
   Sailor Mercury.   Sailor Moon.
   Sailor Neptune.  Sailor Pluto.
   Sailor Saturn.  Sailor Uranus.
Secret of Mana 3: Riesz/Lise.
Seiken Densetsu 3: Lise/Riesz.
Sonic Advance 2.
    Knuckles.    Sonic.    Tails.
Sonic Advanced Customs.
    Amy.    Espio.    Nack.
    Rouge.    Shadow.    Sonia.
    Super Amy.    Tikal.
Space Harrier 2:
    Axel Gear Expansion.
    Axel Gear.    Sparkster.
Speedy Cerviche by Bendilin.
Splatter House 2: Rick.
Tenchi Muyo Game Hen/RPG:
    Ayeka.    Mihoshi.
    Nurse Washu.    Other.
    Ryo-ohki.     Ryoko.
    Sasami.     Tenchi.    Washu.
Three Wonders: Don't Pull:
    Don.    Enemy Dino.    Pull.
Willow: Arcade:
    Madmartigan.    Willow.